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To Have Written a Book

Gordon Lish

What happens when the writer revisits the scene of a crime from a previous novel, a childhood murder dire with class conflict and dispassion for the disadvantaged? What happens when a boy with money runs into a boy without money runs into a boy with an impediment and all three run together into a nanny with enumerated rules for play? What happens looking back when an old man, a young wife, and a ladder-climbing forensic psychiatrist mingle in triangle? In the hands of Gordon Lish, such a book rivets as the terms tighten. It happens in a sandbox. It happens in Woodmere. Think contemporary master achieving feats with the art of story and the language traveled in our passage to ourselves.

Lish is still our Joyce, our Beckett, our most true modernist.
— Kirkus

The US’s answer to Samuel Beckett and Thomas Bernard.
The Guardian
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